Board of Directors

Jaime Estévez Valencia

Has been a member of our board of directors since 2007 and was re-elected in 2017. Mr. Estévez is an independent director. Currently a member of the board of directors of Cruzados SADP. Previously, Mr. Estévez was chairman of the board of directors of Banco Estado, a Chilean government owned bank. Additionally, he has served as a director AFP Provida and AFP Protección, two Chilean private investment pension funds, and as director of Endesa Chile S.A. Mr. Estévez was Minister of Public Works from January 2005 to March 2006, and simultaneously, as Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications. He was also a congressman from March 1990 to March 1998 and president of the Lower Chamber of Congress from March 1995 to November 1996. Mr. Estévez holds a degree in economics from the Universidad de Chile.

Mr. Estévez is a member of the following committees:
• Directors/Audit Committee,
• Board Loan Committee,
• Asset Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Prevention Corporate Committee, and
• Consumer Finance Division Committee.

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