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Material Facts & Information of Interest


Banco de Chile and Chubb Announce Distribution Agreement


May 28 - Public statement

Dividend Payment


March 2017- Letter regarding dividend payment

List of Candidates to Board of Directors

EVER CHILE letter to BCH – Director Candidate

AFP CAPITAL letter to BCH – Director Candidate

Propositions from Banco de Chile´s Board of Directors to the Ordinary Shareholders Meetings

Notice of AGM Banco de Chile

Notice of EGM Banco de Chile

LQIF letter to BCH – Director Candidates

AGM and EGM 2017

New subscription of BCH and Citi to Master Services Agreement


Cuestionario Gobierno Corporativo

Master Services Agreement

March - Payment of Dividends to Central Bank

March - Payment of Dividend 2016

March - Propositions from Banco de Chile´s Board of Directors to the Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders Meetings

Agenda for Annual Shareholders Meeting 2016

6K - AGM and EGM 2016

2016 IRS Form 8937


December- Completion of Delisting from London Stock Exchange

November - Application to delist from LSE

July - Loan Portfolio Adquisition

March- Central Bank Dividend Payment

March - Payment of Dividend

March- Agenda for Annual Shareholders’ Meeting – March 26, 2015

2015 IRS Form 8937


December- Collective Bargaining 2014

June- 2013 Annual Report – Mexico

March - List of Board of Director Candidates

January - Pricing press release of Public Secondary Offering of Common Stock by LQIF

2014 IRS Form 8937

January- Public Secondary Offering by LQIF

January- Letter from LQIF

January- Prospectus Supplement Secondary Offering by LQIF


October - BCH delists from Latibex

August – Banco de Chile begins process to delist from Latibex

March - 2013 Dividends Notice

2013 IRS Form 8937


November - 6K Placement Process for Capital Increase

2012 Stock Dividends: IRS Form 8937

July - Statements by Arturo Tagle

July - Banco de Chile Announces Solution Plan to Clients

Information of Interest - Cartolas 2012

November - Change Audit Committee

November – Translation of 2012 Capital Increase Process


July - Completion of Equity Offering

“Stock Dividends”: IRS Form 8937 Stock Dividends

“Rights Offering”: IRS Form 8937 Rights Offering


December - Transitory provision to the by-laws of Banco de Chile

October - The executed settlement the Consejo de Defensa del Estado