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Material Facts & Information of Interest


March 2019- Letter regarding dividend payment

Board of Directors’ Proposal to the Ordinary Shareholders Meeting

Notice of AGM Banco de Chile

Annual Shareholders Meeting 2019

Banco de Chile and Chubb Announce Distribution Agreement


May 28 - Public statement

Dividend Payment


March 2017- Letter regarding dividend payment

List of Candidates to Board of Directors

EVER CHILE letter to BCH – Director Candidate

AFP CAPITAL letter to BCH – Director Candidate

Propositions from Banco de Chile´s Board of Directors to the Ordinary Shareholders Meetings

Notice of AGM Banco de Chile

Notice of EGM Banco de Chile

LQIF letter to BCH – Director Candidates

AGM and EGM 2017

New subscription of BCH and Citi to Master Services Agreement


Cuestionario Gobierno Corporativo

Master Services Agreement

March - Payment of Dividends to Central Bank

March - Payment of Dividend 2016

March - Propositions from Banco de Chile´s Board of Directors to the Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders Meetings

Agenda for Annual Shareholders Meeting 2016

6K - AGM and EGM 2016

2016 IRS Form 8937


December- Completion of Delisting from London Stock Exchange

November - Application to delist from LSE

July - Loan Portfolio Adquisition

March- Central Bank Dividend Payment

March - Payment of Dividend

March- Agenda for Annual Shareholders’ Meeting – March 26, 2015

2015 IRS Form 8937


December- Collective Bargaining 2014

June- 2013 Annual Report – Mexico

March - List of Board of Director Candidates

January - Pricing press release of Public Secondary Offering of Common Stock by LQIF

2014 IRS Form 8937

January- Public Secondary Offering by LQIF

January- Letter from LQIF

January- Prospectus Supplement Secondary Offering by LQIF


October - BCH delists from Latibex

August – Banco de Chile begins process to delist from Latibex

March - 2013 Dividends Notice

2013 IRS Form 8937


November - 6K Placement Process for Capital Increase

2012 Stock Dividends: IRS Form 8937

July - Statements by Arturo Tagle

July - Banco de Chile Announces Solution Plan to Clients

Information of Interest - Cartolas 2012

November - Change Audit Committee

November – Translation of 2012 Capital Increase Process


July - Completion of Equity Offering

“Stock Dividends”: IRS Form 8937 Stock Dividends

“Rights Offering”: IRS Form 8937 Rights Offering


December - Transitory provision to the by-laws of Banco de Chile

October - The executed settlement the Consejo de Defensa del Estado